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Edward Rodríguez
Puerto Rico
dreth_ (AT) msn (DOT) com

Any other info... go to my website and read it there.


About The Website

THIS IS NOT A GOTHIC SITE! I HATE GOTHS AND ALL THAT SHIT! Now that we got that out of the way...

This website has been made with the sole purpose of putting together the most complete (and best in my opinion) collection of each of the sections presented. I do not claim any of these pieces of art as mine, I cannot give credit to all the authors because they are unknown to me.

I hated all the "horror" websites, well still do. They all have the same cheesy graphics, fictional stories that sound like they were written by morbid 5-year olds, but I had to surf them anyways because I found some good pieces of art randomly scattered within them. I decided to not make one like theirs since there were one too many, and they were all lame.

I still cannot believe there is people stupid enough to not read properly, and accuse me of saying that I actually stole all these paintings and drawings and claimed them as mine. I merely host these pictures, learn how to read, insipid sons of bitches. Thank you.

History Of The Website

Over the passing years I've browsed the internet extensively, when I was younger I was greatly attracted to dark & fantasy art. I seeked out to make my own website containing this same art I had saved from all my tireless hours of aimless searching.

The first incarnation of this small proyect of mine was titled Cold Theorem, done in Geocities.com with absolutely no experience.

As months passed, so did that unexperienced character, I remade the website and updated its galleries, with a more decent layout and content. The name was now Black Epiphany.

However, I put all my efforts into making my own personal website (Dreth's Nebula) and practically after 2 years I decided to take a look at my old website. To my surprise, people still posted things in the guestbook, and the shoutbox (granted the shotubox ones were mainly a moron that accused me of stealing everything).

So with that in mind, I decided to re-do the whole thing away from Geocities.com and its NAZI ways. So right now you're probably looking at the last version of Black Epiphany.

Old Awards I won at dark sites by playing random little games, notice that these are from 2002, nowdays I pay no mind to these sort of things: